loan approvalWhat does is take for rapid loan approval? Good credit helps, but for those of us without good credit there are still many valid options for installment loans.

You have to be careful, though, it is a minefield out there.

The problem with many online lenders is that they prey on people who need money and don’t know where to get it. When people are desperate they make bad choices, and hand over their information to unscrupulous businesses that exist only to collect data.

Make smarter choices, choose smarter loans.

What to Avoid: HTTP

HTTP is the traditional start of most website URLs. Any time you are submitting sensitive information online, make sure the site begins with HTTPS.

The S at the end means Google recognizes it as Secure, and your private information will remain safe.

What to Avoid: “Approved in Advance”

Loans being approved in advance is not something that actually exists. When a company says you have already been approved for a loan before you even apply, it doesn’t mean anything. It is simply a buzzword businesses use to lure in people with the promise of easy money.

There is no thing as easy money! The easier it seems, the less likely it is to be real.

A real loan company can streamline the application, and a real loan company can make the loan approval process very easy. Your loan can be approved within minutes of applying.

What to Avoid: “Guarantee”

What a real loan company CAN’T do is guarantee you a loan before they know who you are. Any alleged business that tries to scam you this way is basically just fishing for information to sell to other loan companies.

How do we know this? Because we are a real loan company, we take loan approval seriously, and those other guys always try to sell information to us.

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