cash loanOnce upon a time, cash was king. Having paper money in hand trumped any kind of card you could be carrying. If you needed a loan, a cash loan was the only kind that really mattered.

My oh my how things have changed!

The financial world has started moving so quickly that cash simply can’t keep up. You might have even been to one of the new stores that do not accept cash at all. Digital transfer of funds has replaced the cash transaction.

Say Goodbye to the Cash Loan…

Don’t think that this is trying to say that “cash is obsolete” or even close to being so. Not at all, because cash will never truly go away. It was the backbone of the American economy of hundreds of years, and that is a legacy that will last as long as the country itself.

All that said, physical money does have its downsides:

  • Covered with sticky residue, dried drinks, and more human sweat and genetic material than you probably want to think about.
  • There is much higher risk of theft, because money is virtually untraceable.
  • It is much harder to track your spending and purchases without a paper trail.
  • Sitting on a wallet is bad for your back. Digging through a purse for change is annoying.
  • It can just be flat-out inconvenient!We all love cash, but using it as your primary means of spending and borrowing is a thing of the past.

… and Say Hi to Something Better

Very few lending institutions offer a cash loan. In fact, many of these businesses don’t even keep cash on the premises! And why should they? Compared to digital transfers, a cash loan is far too slow to be considered in the modern business world.

Even walking into a bank to borrow cash in person takes longer than it does to apply (and be approved) for an online installment loan.

When it comes to going to a fair, or being out on a date with your sweetie, nothing beats a little cash in your pocket. In terms of borrowing money, and getting it quickly, a cash loan is inconvenient and unnecessary.

At National Small Loan the entire loan process is digital. Apply online, through your phone, tablet, or computer, receive your loan contract online, and when it’s done your funds will be deposited online as well. Straight from us to your bank, no middle men or cash handlers involved!

Get the ball rolling today and submit your application.

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