There was a time when anyone without superior credit had very few options. Tribal payday loans were among the few who were available to everyone regardless of credit history.

Those days are gone. The lending market is more open and accessible than ever before, and tribal payday loans have gotten a major upgrade. Installment loans are just as quick and easy as the old payday loans, but with a much greater level of security and convenience.

The Problem with Tribal Payday Loans

The way that payday loans were structured left a lot to be desired. The intent seemed to be to keep the borrower in debt for as long as possible, and to keep adding extra charges to make it nearly impossible to pay off.

The laws have changed — but the loans have changed, too.

Installment loans are a safer alternative to payday loans. Gone is the “revolving debt” with no fixed end date to finish paying the loan. Anyone who receives an installment loan gets their entire repayment schedule in writing up front. No surprises, no extra charges, everything you need to know before you agree to anything.

Why NSL is the Superior Installment Loan

National Small Loan prides itself on delivering a superior product, and like to think of them as SAFE loans.

Secure: A secure website for secure data and a smooth online application. We work hard to maintain strict online security.

Accessible: Anyone, anywhere can access our website 24 hours a day, and submit an application whenever is most convenient. No faxing, no documents, to leaving your home.

Flexible: No early payment penalties! Save yourself interest by paying extra, or paying off the loan early.

Easy: Everything you need to apply is right here on this website. Apply now, and one of our loan agents will contact you ASAP.

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