seasonal debtLike millions of other Americans, you probably overspent during the holidays. Don’t panic! Seasonal debt is as inevitable as the Winter winds. The real question is how to handle it, and make it go away as quickly as you can.

Credit cards are too easy to use, but much more difficult to pay off. Every month you have a balance outstanding you pay interest on it, which means you might be paying for your holiday purchases through the rest of the year!

How do you get rid a holiday hangover?

Reducing Your Debt in Three Easy Steps

Cut Back: Tighten your belt, and reduce all non-essential spending as much as you can. Spending money you don’t have means that eventually you have to pay it back with money you desperately need. Pare down wherever you can, and put every extra penny towards reducing your seasonal debt.

Make a Repayment Plan: Planning to pay back what you can, when you can, is really no kind of plan at all. Sit down and write out your finances, and create a concrete plan for clearing this loan off the books. Even if it’s a small amount every month, commit yourself to making it a reality. Loan debt will never go away on it’s own, you have to work hard.

Should You Consolidate? If you spread out a lot of spending over a lot of different credit cards or accounts, you could benefit from consolidating all that seasonal debt into one lump sum. It might save you some money, but it will definitely make your debt easier to keep track of and manage.

The Last Resort for Seasonal Debt

Another form of loan consolidation is to take out a short-term loan and use that you eliminate your seasonal debt.

You will still have money to repay, of course, but now it can be one monthly bill to pay instead of many. Find a lender who offers the best interest, pay off all your credit cards, and you are one step closer to next year’s seasonal debt!

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