short term financingThe smaller the loan, the harder it is to find. Isn’t that unusual? Common sense would dictate that it is easier to secure a small loan than a large one. Similarly, you would expect that short term financing is far easier to find than long term financing.

But this is not the case at all.

Finance is a lucrative market. Why else would there be so many banks? But the real profits don’t come from small dollar loans or short term financing. Banks and other lenders make their money from long term loans like mortgages and massive investments.

In truth, most lenders don’t want to bother with small dollar loans or short term financing.

But can you find a smaller lender that can meet your needs the same way a bank can?

Short Term Financing is What You Make Of It

The best thing about this kind of borrowing is the flexibility. When you sign up for a 5, 10, or 20 year loan you are literally locked into that time frame. Paying it down early might even incur you with extra penalties and fees, because the lenders want you to stay in debt for as long as possible.

But there are lenders out there who specialize in short term financing. These lenders actually make it easier to pay the loan off quickly. Instead of being penalized, you get rewarded for fast repayment!

Of course, flexibility comes with a price. These specialized lenders deal in small dollar loans (usually $500 or less, but that varies) and have higher interest rates than banks.

But if you only need a few hundred dollars, short term financing companies may be your quickest and easiest solution.

Short term financing companies like us!

NSL The Best in the Business

We are a specialized lender. We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone.

Our short term installment loans are designed to make payday loans obsolete. With us, you get locked in rates and a repayment schedule given to you in writing. You will know exactly when each payment is due, and how much it will be.

But unlike the other lenders, we make it easy to pay it down. You can pay extra on your monthly, or make additional payments whenever you like. The faster you pay it down and off, the less money you pay in interest.

At National Small Loan we don’t want you locked into a debt trap for years on end. And we don’t want you trapped in the payday loan cycle. There is an easier way to secure short term financing. Contact us today for more information, or submit your application online today for instant approval!

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