COVID19Before all of this pandemic business started, paper money was already one of the filthiest most germ-ridden things that you could touch. Now that COVID19 is on the loose, what does that do to cash?

It has been said that paper money can carry as many germs and bacteria as a toilet.

For a very long time using debit and credit cards, Paypal, or wire transfers has been preferable to handling cash. After this worldwide COVID19 outbreak, paper money seems a little more dangerous.

How Long does COVID19 Live on Cash?

The fibers in the paper of cash is a welcoming environment for microbes, bacteria, and viruses.

As a somewhat upsetting example, take the common Flu virus. On most surfaces the flu can only survive for 48 hours, maximum. On paper, like money, it can live for up to 17 days!

What about COVID19? There is still much research to be done, made more difficult by the mutations of the virus into new strains. Currently there are three different strains in circulation, but that could change at any time.

Depending on the strain, it is said the coronavirus can survive on money anywhere from just a few minutes, up to 5 days.

5 days is much better than 17 days… but if you use digital money there is zero chance of exposure to any kind of virus.

Digital Money and Safe Loans

When dealing with money, handle cash as little as possible. Digital money has zero germs, is a lot faster than cash, and spends just the same.

National Small Loan works only with digital money and transfers. When you take a loan from us, we place the money directly into the bank account of your choice. Your monthly payments are done the same way.

There is never any direct contact between you and that dirty, filthy cash.

Just spend it, don’t touch it!

NSL is open for business, and working harder than ever to meet the financial needs of our clients.

Please bear with is during this trying time. Wait times may be slightly longer than usual, but rest assured we are doing what we can to make loans safer and more accessible than ever.

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