cash loansSociety is going cashless. Why trudge to the ATM to get some archaic paper notes when you can move your funds around at the speed of light? In the old days – say, five or ten years ago – if you needed cash you borrowed it from a bank. Cash loans were just that, cash in the palm of your hand.

But that was when more people had a neighborhood bank. These days you can take out a loan from a thousand different lenders, located all over the world.

So it begs the question, do cash loans still exist?

Cashless Cash Loans?

If the funds go directly into your bank account, does that count as cash? Or does that only apply when physical money is used?

What does “cash” even mean any more? In a world when it is easier to use a card than a stack of bills, is having that stack of bills beneficial?

These are all important questions. But the important thing to take away from this is the knowledge that many times when you see an ad for cash loans, there will not be any cash involved.

If you borrow from a neighbor, then cash can be quicker. If you are borrowing from a lender three states away, it’s different. Do you want to wait to have cash delivered? Of course not. You don’t have to wait because the funds will appear in your bank account within minutes.

What We Do at NSL

Much like bank loans, at NSL we offer structured personal loans. When you apply for the loan, you will be given a complete repayment schedule. The due dates will never change, nor will the APR ever increase. You have a written list of all your installments that you can rely on.

What makes our installment loans different is that we want to help you pay less in APR. The payment schedule we give you is only for the minimum payments. This affords you the longest amount of time to repay the loan. But it also costs you the most in interest.

At NSL, we encourage you to pay more than the bare minimum. You can pay extra with each installment, or make extra payments. You can even pay off the entire loan all at once. And you will never get a penalty or a fee for paying early!

We don’t offer cash loans. The NSL installment loan is better, and faster, than any cash loan.

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