VBS loansOnline lenders are always coming up with fresh and new ways to market their services. In an attempt to stand out from the crowd, many will rely on flashy gimmicks or catchphrases. Such is the case with what are called VBS loans, which is becoming a very hot search term even though no one can agree on what VBS stands for!

VBS Loans = Verified Bank Substitute?

Our installment loans are the perfect solution for people who can’t, or simply don’t want to, deal with the big banks. Why stand in line and fill out piles of paperwork when you can cut to the chase?

When you deal with National Small Loan, you cut out the middle man and borrow direct.

But no, VBS doesn’t stand for that.

VBS Loans = Very Big Sums?

In order to streamline our service and reach the most number of people, we issue only “small dollar” loans of $100 to $500 for first time borrowers.

Once you have successfully repaid your loan, you are upgraded to a “preferred customer.” At this point you will qualify for larger loans.

So no, VBS doesn’t stand for that, either.

VBS Loans = Virtual Borrowing Service?

In a day and age when brick and mortar businesses have a lower success rate than ever before, the internet has become the home of small business. By saving all the overhead costs normally spent on rent, utilities, and insurance, we are able to focus all our resources on giving customers the best possible borrowing experience.

Unfortunately, even though NSL is a “virtual borrowing service” that isn’t what VBS means.

It might mean the name of a South African bank encountering some woes. It might even mean Vacation Bible School, although that seems doubtful.

No matter what it stands for, VBS loans simply cannot compare to the installment loans offered by National Small Loan. Unlike most lenders we never charge prepayment penalties. Here you can “build your own rate” by paying the loan off fast and saving all that money in interest!

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