Direct lending has a long, proud history in Texas, dating back to the antebellum era. Back then, Galveston mills would give cash advances to planters for the cotton bails they had agreed to deliver. Texans have always had an independent spirit, and Texas loans were never any different.

By 1859 there were over 3,000 independent lenders operating in Texas, making small loans against the borrowers next crops. During the time of Reconstruction, the government banking system was turbulent,to say the least, s0 it fell to private lenders to keep the Texas economy running strong.

That number has not dwindled over the years. Texas loans are always in demand, and with so many people still distrustful of the big banks, private lenders will always be here to serve.

In Texas Loans are Easy to Find

For Texans the problem isn’t finding a lender, it’s find the right lender for their needs. Although industry rates are fairly standard, each small lender has the power to customize their product to a specific kind of lender.

Perhaps you want to use your car as collateral, or you only need money for a few days, or any number of other circumstances.

Loans are not one-size-fits-all. Do your research and find the one that is best for you. You have plenty to choose from, so you can afford to be selective.

What National Small Loan Can Do For You

National Small Loan gives its clients all the loan information right up front plain and simple.

You can apply online, and get your status immediately. In fact, you can complete the entire loan process from your phone or computer, with no faxing or mailing of documents required.

After you receive approval you get a complete accounting of your repayment schedule. There are never any surprises with NSL, you know when every payment will be due and how much it will be.

If you decide you want to pay the loan off early, there are never any prepayment penalties.

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