small loan onlineThere are small, independent lenders in every town. Big or small, every little nook and cranny of America has enterprising businesses looking to lend you money. Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to call or visit these places to get the information you need. Finding a small loan online takes away all the leg work and makes research all the easier.

What’s better, you can apply for and receive your small loan online. The funds can be placed directly into your account, and you never have to leave the house!

There are three qualities you want to look for in a small loan online…


If speed is not an issue, then by all means you should visit a bank.

For everyone else, time is money, and waiting for money is time wasted!

Find a lender that can process your application immediately, instead of making you wait for approval. Confirm how quickly this lender can deliver the funds to you – is it same business day? Next business day? Make sure this lender won’t make you wait too long for the funds to hit your account.


More than ever before, you have to safeguard your personal and financial information. There are hackers, there are data scavenging programs, and there are legitimate businesses that sell your information.

Before choosing a small loan online lender, make sure they have a secure website (using the URL prefix HTTPS) so that your application and loan information stays private. Most of us would sacrifice speed for security, but these days you don’t have to – as they say, “find you a lender that can do both.”


You need a fast loan, you need a secure loan, but you also need an affordable loan. When it comes to finding a small loan online, “affordability” is probably the hardest quality to find.

The speed and convenience of a small loan online does come with a price, after all. While you won’t find an online lender that can match the APR of a bank or credit union, you can still bargain shop between lenders.

Compare your top choices in lender, and see who will offer you the lowest interest rate. Also make sure to inquire about additional charges, fees, or balloon payments, which are often times hidden in the small print of the contract.

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