Small Installment LoansSmall installment loans are not intended to help you set a new standard for your finances. They are, and always have been, a way to acquire some quick funds in case of an emergency, or a shortfall on your bills.

The nature of small installment loans is to provide a few hundred bucks to people who need a little extra money, and need it in a hurry. If you’re looking to re-finance your house, this is not the loan for you. But if you need a quick influx of cash to cover your utility bill, or buy your medicine, then National Small Loan is the answer!

How Small Installment Loans are Different

There was a time when online loans were all payday loans.

This is no longer the case. National Small Loan is a NOT a payday lender. What we have to offer are far superior to payday loans. Our small installment loans have the speed and availability of those kind of loans, only without the cycle of debt that comes with them.

Payday loans are an ongoing or “revolving” debt that have no fixed end point. By making only the minimum payments you could be paying off that small loans for years.

At NSL every loan has locked-in interest and a fixed number of payments. You will know how much every payment is, and when it will be do. No changes and no surprises, ever.

Don’t Borrow More than you Need

Don’t get roped into a massive personal loan from a bank or credit union. If you only need a little, only borrow a little!

At NSL select how much you need, from $100 up to $500, so that you can cover your situation and still be able to pay it off as quickly as possible.

The faster you pay it back, the less you pay in interest. With our small installment loans, there are never any prepayment penalties which means you pay off the loan on YOUR schedule, no one elses!

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