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In a day and age when virtually all the major banks are controlled by a few people private lenders are flourishing more than ever before! The big banks wield an incredible amount of power and political influence. But the truth is they do not meet the needs of millions of Americans.

Many people have financial problems that the banks can’t (or won’t) help them with. That is when private lenders show how valuable they are.

Alternative Banking

The use of any kind of financial tools outside of the big banks is considered “alternative banking.” This unusual term is intended to lump in things such as payday loans, with honest small businesses who are looking to issue small dollar loans.

Installment loans offered by companies like are offer locked-in interest rates and set repayment plans. Payday loans are designed to keep you in debt. There is a world of difference between these kinds of loans, but the banking industry would prefer you not know that.

Private Lenders are the Future

The numbers don’t lie – one report found that 7.7% of Americans have no bank account at all. In some areas, this number is as high as 20%.

Imagine, 1 in 5 people who never do business with the banks. Because of that they cannot apply for a conventional bank loan.

What happens when these hard working men and women need a little extra? They need to go outside of the mainstream banking system and secure the services of a private lender.

The big banks are all owned by the same few global corporations. They always make sure to buy out and take over any smaller banks that may start to grow.

Private lenders are the only real freedom of choice that exists in the current financial market. Small loans, microloans, and fintech are taking the money out of the hands of the few, and giving it back to the people

Private Lenders Provide the Best Service

Customer service matters, and private lenders tend to small businesses that can put the focus squarely on the customers.

Big banks deals with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of accounts. To them, you are nothing but a number. A private lender will put the time and effort into turning you from a one-time customer into a loyal repeat customer.

Don’t settle for being any other number, because with private lenders you will only be #1

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