personal loan What exactly is a personal loan? It is simply borrowing a sum of money for whatever reasons you may need it. Unlike a mortgage, a car loan, or a student loan, personal loans are not earmarked for one particular thing.

A personal loan can be used for debt consolidation, or for car repairs. You can use personal loans for whatever it is you need money for. Best of all you don’t have to specify to the lender what you need it for.

For this reason, banks are not a great source of personal loans. Banks prefer strings attached to every dollar they lend.

But there is a different kind of personal loan available now, and available for any American who wants it.

It is called the NSL installment loan, and it may be just what you need.

A Personal Loan You Can Count On

Don’t get the NSL installment loan confused with a “payday loan” or a “title loan.” An installment loan works the exact same way a personal loan from the bank works. You get a repayment schedule that will tell you when every payment is due, and how much each payment will be. No surprises, no hidden fees, just a simple monthly payment.

Most online lenders stay far away from installment loans. They prefer loans that keep you locked in the cycle of debt, and keep adding additional charges to your principle balance. It seems like the more you pay, the farther away you are from being debt free.

The NSL installment loan is a superior type of personal loan. Every payment is accounted for in writing before you sign the contract.

To speed up the process, and make it possible to get you the funds quickly, we offer small dollar loans between $100 and $500. These small loans are fast to process, and fast to repay. Once the loan is paid back, you will become a “preferred customer” and be fast-tracked for any future loans you may¬† need.

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