NSLNSL is one of the few companies that actually WANTS to lend you money. This may sound foolish to you, because typing the word “loans” into a search engine will literally return thousands of different lending businesses.

But did you know that the vast majority of these “lenders” are not in the business of lending?

Many so-called loan companies are just websites designed to collect information. When you fill out a “loan application” the so-called business just turns around and sell that information to actual lenders. They might sell your information to one lender, or they may sell it to however many want to pay for it!

NSL is in the Real Loan Business


National Small Loan is not a collection house for people’s private data. We are an actual real-life lending company that specializes in providing loans between $100 and $500.

We strive to make our online application as fast and painless as possible. Beyond that, NSL strives to make the entire process easier than you have ever known from any bank or credit union.

Once your loan has been approved we send you the electronic contract to sign. Then the funds are placed directly in your account before you know it.

We assume that if you are applying for a small loan it’s because you need it. What you don’t need is a runaround, a long wait, or a ton of paperwork to fill out.

That’s why we have custom-tailored the NSL loan process for your convenience.

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Don’t get caught up with any of the shady online lenders. If you want to secure a small loan without driving out to storefront, NSL should be your first choice.

Our website is open to applications and queries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you don’t need us now, bookmark the site and we will still be here, still lending money, when you need us.

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