How sick and tired are you of hearing about your credit score? Companies want to monitor it for you, help you improve it, or base how they treat you on how big yours is. A credit score is nothing but a number, and yet financial institutions act like it’s more important than you as a person.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can keep healthy finances without every worrying about what your credit score might be. And in the event you need some extra money, there are a few lenders out there that don’t care what your credit score is, either.

Why Are Banks So Obsessed with Credit Score?

There is actually a very good reason for all the focus on this one small aspect of your finances. In terms of borrowing, the credit score tells the lender how risky it is to give you a loan. If your credit score is very low, that means there is a good chance you will default on the loan.

All loans are risky, so this is simply a way for the bank to determine their chances of making a profit off of your loan.

But this also assumes that everyone with a bad credit score can’t be trusted to repay a loan. And we all know that just isn’t true.

Where Can You Go for Fast Cash?

For those of us who don’t have great credit, we still have options. These days, we actually have more options than ever before in history.

Payday loans have been around for as long as there have been shylocks. While a great majority of payday lenders are legitimate businesses, it has long been an industry that attracts fly-by-night companies. These loans don’t require good credit, but the borrower should be wary before signing on the dotted line.

Car title loans don’t require a credit score at all, because they are secured with the title to your automobile. These are a good option for quick cash, granted you own your car free and clear.

Installment loans are the new kid on the block, trying to pick up the slack for people who aren’t satisfied with payday loan options. These loans do not even run a credit check, and the paperwork is minimal.

The best aspect of installment loans is that they give you ample time to repay. Payday loans require complete repayment off of your next paycheck. Installment loans give you months to repay them, so they are perfect for people on a tight budget.

Your credit score is now obsolete! Say “no more” to worrying about credit, and contact us today for details.

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