Installment Loan Advantage

At National Small Loan, we’ve taken the speed and availability of payday loans and easy-to-understand features of installment loans to offer you a truly remarkable service – the NSL installment loan advantage. Our  installment loans give you the stability and security of a traditional bank loan, with the speed and responsiveness of a cash advance. Unlike a credit card or payday loan, where interest and fees can build up over time, the NSL installment loan advantage allows you to retain total control. You probably don’t like surprises, and neither do we. When you’re approved for a loan, you know exactly when each payment will be due and how much it will be for the life of your loan. You can make extra payments to save on the interest, or even pay off the loan early with no penalties! So what is the Installment Advantage?  


Get Your Entire Payment Schedule Now

With a payday loan, it’s possible to spend months – even years – making payments just to cover the interest and fees. With an installment loan you get your repayment schedule up front and in writing. You will know when each payment is due and how much it will be. You’ll know how much you are paying down on your balance and when it will be paid off.  


Want to make extra payments to pay off your installment loan faster?

Unlike other lenders, we won’t penalize you for making extra payments or for choosing to pay your balance in full early. We want you to have financial freedom and stay in control of your budget. Our payment program actually saves you money on fees and interest over time.  


Don’t worry about getting hit with a big balloon payment!

Sometimes, lenders might offer reasonable monthly payments but surprise you with a massive final payment. Our loans are broken down into consistent, easy-to-understand payments. In fact, over time you will see your monthly payments decrease!  


Never pay more for your loans than you have to!