Loan Amounts:


You can pay down or pay off your loan at any time without penalty

The Cost of the Loan:

The amount and date due for all loan payments will be explained in the Loan Schedule provided as part of your loan agreement. This schedule will provide for you the total number of payments due, the date and amount for each payment, as will the APR and any required fees specific to your repayment plan. Late fees and NSF fees will be described in detail in your loan agreement (and are also provided below).

Loan Payment Schedules:

Your Loan Schedule, customized for each client and their specific loan, will be included with your loan agreement. There are several ways to reduce the overall cost of the loan, including paying the loan balance in full before the final due date of the loan, or by making additional payments beyond those listed on your Loan Schedule. Please take the time to review the sample Loan Schedule provided below. This schedule represents a $400 loan, repaid with bi-weekly payments. Important to note: total APR will vary depending on the amount and duration of your loan. APR is based on the length of time of your loan, so the sooner you pay it off in full, the less you will pay in APR. Remember, with National Small Loan there are never any penalties for early repayment – you control your loan, and how soon you pay it off. For more ideas on how to lower the overall cost of your loan, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives, our “loan experts” will step you through our accelerated repayment plan.
Remember! Customers always have the power to choose to make additional payments towards the loan or pay in full. You can pay down or pay off this loan at any time without penalty. The sample payment schedule below is only if you make the minimum payment for the life of the loan.Customers may choose to make additional payments towards the loan or pay in full at any time. Midaaswi, LLC encourages repayment as quickly as possible to avoid finance fees.
Sample Installment Loan Schedule
Loan Amount Number of Payments Total Finance Fees Total Principal Payments Total Payments Annual Percentage Rate
$400.00 16 $1,476.93 $400.00 $1,876.93 658.34 %
Sample Installment Loan Payment Schedule
Number of Payments Payment Due Payment Date
1 $117.27 3/23/2016
1 $117.27 4/6/2016
1 $117.27 4/20/2016
1 $117.27 5/4/2016
1 $117.27 5/18/2016
1 $117.27 6/1/2016
1 $117.27 6/15/2016
1 $117.27 6/29/2016
1 $117.27 7/13/2016
1 $117.27 7/27/2016
1 $117.27 8/10/2016
1 $117.27 8/24/2016
1 $117.27 9/7/2016
1 $117.27 9/21/2016
1 $117.27 10/5/2016
1 $117.88 10/19/2016

Funding Timeframe:

Loan applications that are received and approved before 2:00 PM EST Monday through Friday are funded within 24 business hours.

Late Fees and NSF Fees:

If your loan payment is not received by National Small Loan by your due date, you might be subject to late payment fees. If your loan payment is refused by your bank or financial institution due to insufficient funds, or for any reason your payment is returned or no honored by your bank or financial institution, you might be subject to an NSF fee in the amount of $25. If your loan payment is not received by 1 day after the due date, you might be subject to a late fee of $30.